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Individual Braid Styles

Hair braiding is a popular and timeless practice among African American and people of color. At Hair By Kyl, we specialize in a wide range of hair braiding styles that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our team of experienced hair stylists is skilled in traditional braiding techniques such as knotless braids, micro braids, and box braids, as well as modern styles such as goddess braids and feed-in braids. We take pride in using high-quality hair products and the latest braiding techniques to ensure that your hair is always healthy, strong, and beautiful.

We understand that hair braiding is not just a hairstyle but a cultural practice with a rich history and tradition. As such, we treat every client with the respect and care that they deserve, ensuring that their hair braiding experience is both enjoyable and culturally appropriate. Our owner and operator, Ms. Kritten Yleah, is passionate about preserving and celebrating the cultural significance of African American hair braiding. She takes the time to listen to each client’s unique requests and provides personalized services that exceed their expectations.

At Hair By Kyl, we believe that beauty is not limited to one specific look or style. That’s why we offer a wide range of braiding options that celebrate the diverse beauty of African American and people of color hair. From protective styles to bold and expressive looks, we strive to empower our clients to express themselves through their hair. Whether you’re looking for a classic braided style or something more modern and daring, our team is here to help you achieve your hair goals.

Braid Your Way to Beautiful Hair For Every Budget

Hair By Kyl is more than just a hair braiding service provider; it’s a haven for anyone looking to transform their hair into a work of art. With a focus on exceptional customer service, Hair By Kyl’s experienced team of stylists listens to clients’ specific requests to deliver customized hair care solutions. Their expertise in various braiding styles, including knotless braids, micro braids, individual braids, box braids, goddess braids, and more, ensures that clients leave feeling confident and beautiful.

Ms. Kritten Yleah, the owner and operator of Hair By Kyl, brings her passion for creating beautiful hairstyles to every client, using high-quality hair products and the latest braiding techniques to keep hair healthy, strong, and stunning. Hair By Kyl is more than just a salon; it’s a community dedicated to helping clients achieve the healthy, beautiful hair they deserve. From personalized hair care solutions to exceptional customer service, Hair By Kyl is the go-to destination for anyone looking to elevate their hair game.